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What We Do / Training

Orphan Secure provides training and consultancy at no cost to NGOs, non-profits and international law enforcement agencies actively combating human trafficking. Our training services are prioritized according to areas in greatest need and by organizations whom are identifying and rescuing victims of human sex trafficking before they are trapped further into a world of sexual bondage and child prostitution.

Training and services provided to NGOs and non-profits:

  • Crisis Management Response Training
  • Anti-Kidnapping and Security Awareness Training
  • Interview Techniques
  • Victim Processing Techniques
  • Best Practices in working with law enforcement agencies in investigations
  • Security and vulnerability assessments of orphanages and shelters
  • Consulting services on threat assessment of operational environment, building strategic partnerships, information sharing practices, creation of intelligence and investigative programs
  • Safe house development and how to safely move victims of sex trafficking

Training Provided to International Law Enforcement Agencies Battling Human Trafficking:

  • Interview Techniques
  • Advanced Investigation Techniques
  • Asset/Informant Development
  • Organized Crime Human Trafficking/Sex Trafficking Assessments
  • Counter-kidnapping Training and Response
  • Advanced Intelligence Collection
  • Surveillance
  • Firearms Training, SWAT Team Training

Orphan Secure - Training

Orphan Secure

Since 2010

Orphan Secure has worked with international law enforcement agencies and other NGOs to identify and rescue victims of human trafficking, specifically child sex trafficking.