Orphan Secure

Who are we?

Who Are We?

Orphan Secure is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization specializing in countering child sex trafficking. Since 2010, Orphan Secure has worked with international law enforcement agencies and other NGOs to identify and rescue victims of human trafficking and more specifically, child sex trafficking.

Orphan Secure

Orphan Secure

Protecting The Innocent

Orphan Secure seeks to be a global leader in eradicating human trafficking by targeting criminal organizations involved in child sex trafficking through integrating intelligence operations to identify perpetrators, uncover their networks, liberate victims, and safeguard potential targets.

Orphan Secure is comprised of former and current Federal and Local Law Enforcement Officers; US Military Special Forces Operators; Intelligence Officers and Intelligence Analysts from global intelligence agencies. Orphan Secure is a 100% volunteer organization with no overhead costs.

It is our team’s desire to take direct action in this fight by applying our expertise across a wide range of disciplines to help directly combat human / child sex trafficking across the world.